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Bitch +The Exciting Conclusion=Bitch+Gabriel Kubitz+Lee Free

"B+TEC" (say 'be tech') is Bitch + The Exciting Conclusion's first
recording together as a band. They made it in the winter of 2007 in
their hometown of New York City. It can be said that this marks a
real creative leap for the band, who has been touring together since
Bitch's last release, "Make This/Break This." (Kill Rock Stars 2006)
Four or five tours and many towns later, the three variables that make
up our favorite equation are back with a fresh and completely rocking
5-song EP.

The 'paperless innards' to the record are at excitingconclusion.com/innards.html



released October 10, 2008

Recorded and Engineered by Vivian Stoll in the East Village, NYC.

Mixed by Damon Whittemore at Valvetone in Brooklyn.

Additional mixing by Gabriel K.

Mastered by Jon Cohrs at Spleenless Mastering.

Art and layout by Lee Free.



all rights reserved


Bitch Brooklyn, New York

Bitch (Bitch and Animal, Shortbus) is known for her unique brand of electric violin performance art meets bass, ukulele and keytar rock. Her shows, like her name, are exercises in self-liberation.

She has released 8 albums, including 3 with Bitch and Animal, (2 on Ani Difranco's label, Righteous Babe Records) 1 with Kill Rock Stars, and three on her own label, Short Story Records
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Track Name: bullet

I drove over that whole bridge
Just to get some air on my face
The entire New York landmass
Buzzed by me like a race

(landmass of manmade
polluted river where I wade)

Cough you up
I can’t count on you anymore

I was the bridge baby
And you were the troubled water
I was stretched over you
Strong and steel
I was over you
But only barely
And that scares me

Point your bullet never shoot
Cock my head before you do
I suck on the smoke til I almost choke
That’s the truth

(I’m in this screaming city baby
you keep coming back for more)

cough you up
I can’t cut through you anymore

You just keep coming back for more

Copyright 2008 Capital B Music (BMI)
Track Name: left lane

I’m lying down now
To write my obligatory verse
Just like I promised myself
Follow the words like a hearse

This procession’s leading me
Down highway asleep but stars
One box of dreams
In every oncoming car

I feel under control
On top of everything
All my dollars are tracked by receipts
My lemongrass hibiscus iced tea
I sit here in café safety
There’s apocalyptic lounge music
Coming out of the speakers
You are facing your own death
All around me foreclosures are happening
And it’s up and up the upper class
It’s a true American moment

All these double yellows
And blinking whites
Where are lines drawn
Where have you gone
Off to be in the left lane
Of my lovers?

Copyright 2008 Capital B Music (BMI)
Track Name: red roof

Every time i focus my view
Every time my camera zooms
I get this commercial by you
Ubiquitous you

Everywhere wears the badge of ads of you
You oh country sold out to capital
Shit, you dress my friends in it
The lens i view it with
The invisible space in the air
The soundwaves cast
Your insipid glare

I’m under your red roof inn
Your murder marketing system
Calling it Christian
Christ was a freak like me
You think he’d be down
With all the forests being paved with his name
Or some war being waged with his fame
Or he wasn’t getting it on with Mary or Jane

Just cuz they killed him don’t kill me
Don’t go kill a bunch of people back in Iraq
Then put that fish up next to your “W in ‘04” flag
Follow this asshole dictator
Daddy’s little imitator
Give him your money your love and your veins

If christ died for my sins
He died in revolution
The one we’re trying to make
So stop trying to take
My view
My true
My ocean blue

Anyway i was trying to say
That somehow you just can’t stop our joy
You just can’t stop our basic need for people-ness
It springs up in the craziest cracks
And we are finding our roots now
We have to fight just to keep our space
We are finding our roots now
We will fight to keep our space
In the race and the pace
Of the land over take
In the race and the pace
Of the land over take

Copyright 2008 Capital B Music (BMI)
Track Name: highway

the moon's on full
full moon
the speaker in the sky
she's loud and wise

and the highway I'm on
is shimmering
the signs shudder
one more strand of light
one last wisp of the wand
before night

the highway I’m on
is shimmering

the streets are bare
everyone’s tuned to the glare
it’s just me street
wind and hair

I'm writing with my hand covering the light
so my friend can still see when she drives
turns are fast and changes too
I still have a patch over my eye
over you

long live the Sparkly Queen!
she came from the east
and rests in the west
like me

and the trees are like claws
coming by
they're Ozark stark
black on blue
I still have the aftertaste of you

there's something about these streets
how they fuel us

the highway I’m on
Is shimmering

there's something about these streets
how they fuel us

Copyright 2008 Capital B Music (BMI)
Track Name: open up
Open Up

There’s lightning across the yard
It’s brewing like I am
Makes me mad when you don’t
Just speak up

Crickets fight
The train sounds
And thunder wins it all

The whole sky’s about to open up
And so am i

The rain is getting harder
The wind picks up speed
You can hold a lot of things
But you can’t hold me

Now I see all the house lights go up
You’re about to turn it all off
It’s just like she says,
“the spirit is lost”*
so I’ll “hold fast to the mother”
‘cuz she turns us round
I’ll hold fast to the mother
Cuz she turns us all around
Hold fast to the mother..

Copyright 2008 Capital B Music (BMI)
*from Ferron’s song, The Cart, c and p Nemesis Publishing